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 How do I switch to a different point when travelling on a trip created in PLAN TRIPS?
Article If it is the first time you started the trip it will only allow you to go to starting point in that trip then automatically guide you to the saved points in that trip. If you want to advance to a specific point in the trip you will need to end the trip then go back and resume the trip and at that point it will prompt you with the option to navigate to any point saved in that trip. Follow the detailed steps below

  1. Select HUNT or HIKE.

  2. Select MY TRIPS and press ENTER.

  3. Select the trip you want to use and press ENTER.

  4. Press the Menu button and select GO TO STARTING POINT OF TRIP.

  5. A blue line will appear between your current position and your first trip point. (When you get to that point it will automatically switch to the point in the trip.)

  6. Press the Menu button and select END HUNTING TRIP.

  7. Press the Menu button and select RESUME THIS TRIP.

  8. A screen is displayed asking WHICH WAYPOINT DO YOU WANT TO NAVIGATE TO. Use the joystick to step through the various points in the trip and press ENTER on the desired point.

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