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 Can I download and Navigate to geocaches in the eXplorist 350H
Article No the 350H does not support direct downloads of Geocaches from however you can manually enter the coordinates using the "Plan Trip" option from either Hunting or Hiking activities. In the steps below we are going to show how to create a trip using geocaches

NOTE: Every trip begins with a waypoint that is designated as the "Start Waypoint". Additional waypoints are then added in the order that they will be traveled to.
  1. Go to log in and select zip code for the area of the geocaches you want to find
  2. Click onto the geocache you want and the lat/lon values will appear and under the lat/lon values you will see an option called "other conversions" click onto that option
  3. Under other conversions you will see the decimal format of the geocache copy these coordinates to a word document or notepad
  4. On your eXplorist 350H select HUNT or HIKE and choose the PLAN TRIP option.
  5. After selecting PLAN TRIP you are presented with three options to add waypoints to the trip: ENTER COORDINATES, DROP PIN ON MAP, and SEARCH select ENTER COORDINATES: Input the coordinates from the geocaching web site using joystick
  6. When you are finished entering the geocache waypoints Press MENU and select SAVE TRIP. Enter a name for the trip or use the default name supplied.
  7. Select the my trips option and activate the trip a blue line will appear on the map pointing you toward your first geocache in the saved trip

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