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 How do I view GMU regions on my eXplorist 350H?

  1. In Map Settings the GMU/WMU map overlays must be turned on:

    • Select SETTINGS.

    • Select MAP.

    • Select MAP SELECTION.

    • Highlight OVERLAY MAPS. If it is OFF, press ENTER.

    • The list of available Overlay Maps is displayed. Highlight the map overlay to be displayed and, if OFF, press ENTER.

    • Use the Back button to return to SETTINGS.

  2. You must select which GMU/WMU you want to see by select a State or Province and choosing from the local GMU/WMU zones.

    • Select SETTINGS.

    • Select HUNT AREAS


    • Next, pick a State or Province.

    • Choose a GMU/WMU from the State/Provinces’ list. The selected zone or zones will display on the 350H map screen as a bright green line, outlining the HUNTING AREA chosen.

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