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Reminder: Please use SmartGPS Eco to ensure that your RoadMate is running the latest software.

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 How do I register my SmartGPS that I Just purchased?
Article Log on to SmartGPS Eco web page at If you do not have a Magellan account, Click on Sign Up! and create one.
  1. Once logged in a message will appear informing you to connect your SmartGPS to your computer and a second message will tell you to "install the browser to device plug in".
  2. Use the Update tab and install the Browser update before continuing. Click "Download" to begin downloading the browser plug-in. The file is saved to a temporary folder.
  3. After the download is complete, double-click on the file icon. A "run" a message will appears, click 'Run'.
  4. Close all browsers when prompted.
  5. Agree to the user license and follow the instructions to complete the update.
  6. Select "Finish" when the update is complete. Open your browser and go to You will need to log in again.
  7. Reconnect your SmartGPS to your computer. The message "Your device has been successfully registered" will appear within a few moments.

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