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 I have purchased a Premium phantomALERT subscription for my Magellan SmartGPS. How do I get these updates?

  1. Log into using your Magellan GPS account information.

  2. Note: If you haven’t yet created a SmartGPS Eco account, select Sign Up! On the SmartGPS Eco page and follow the instructions to sign up for your Magellan account and download the SmartGPS Eco browser plugin to your computer.

  3. Connect your Magellan GPS device to your computer using a USB cable.

  4. Select the Update tab on the SmartGPS Eco homepage.

  5. Download the browser plugin to your computer. Double-click on the installer icon once the download is complete.

  6. Select Run to begin installing the browser plugin software.

  7. Note: The installer will prompt you to close all open Internet browsers. Do not re-open any browsers until you’ve installed the plugin.

  8. Agree to the user license, and follow the instructions to complete the browser plugin installation.

  9. Once the plugin has been installed, re-launch your Internet browser and return to

  10. Reconnect your Magellan GPS device to your computer using a USB cable. You will see a message saying “Your device has been successfully registered.”

  11. Log into and purchase a PhantomALERT Premium subscription from the Magellan Online Shop at

  12. Select your product’s serial number from the drop-down menu.

  13. Select a 1 Year or 3 Year subscription option from the second drop-down menu.

  14. Select Add to Cart, then Proceed to Checkout once you’ve finished shopping.

  15. Follow the instructions to complete the checkout process.

  16. Return to SmartGPS Eco and select Update tab.

  17. Select the PhantomALERT Premium Alerts option to download the premium alerts to your device.

To activate the PhantomALERT Premium Alerts on your device:

  1. Tap on the Settings icon from the Main Menu.

  2. Tap Phantom Alerts.

  3. Tap on each Premium Alert to enable Audio Alert, Visual Alert, or Show on Map.

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