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 Is the Magellan Switch series compatible with any online fitness software?
Article Yes, it is compatible with most GPS fitness device supported websites including TrainingPeaks, MapMyFitness, Strava and Sportraks. Basically it should work with any online application that supports the .fit file format. Fit files are located in the “Activity folder” on the Switch series GPS follow the steps below retrieve and upload an activity .fit file from the Magellan Switch series GPS watch
  1. Using the provided USB cable connect the Switch series watch to your computer.
  2. Most .fit file supported fitness websites will have an “Upload a file from your computer” option select this option and then select "browse."
  3. Browse to the Magellan fitness watch, which will be the newly added removable drive letter on your computer i.e.(D:)
  4. Under the drive You will then see various folders, open up the Folder labeled “Activities” and upload the particular .fit file you want saved.

NOTE: Files will be identified by the date and time they were created.

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