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 How do I Downlaod a Geocache from to my GPS using VatnagePoint?
Article The Magellan Outdoor PC application VantagePoint has the ability to view and download Geocaches from to your PC and GPS. Simply download the VantagePoint application install on your PC, select a Geocache from the map screen then save and upload it to your GPS. Follow the steps below to download a Geocache to your GPS
  1. Open up the VantagePoint application and Select the Geocache icon in the top tool bar as a result there will be a drop down menu select "Geocaching Live"
  2. After selecting Geocaching Live, a log in window will appear with the option to log in or create account
  3. Next a disclaimer indicating that Magellan is using your credentials to log in to geocaching .com for you select "allow access"
  4. Once you have logged in streaming Geocaches from will appear on the map at 1:50000 scale or lower zoom in right click a Gecoache you want saved to and select "save to my cache collection"
  5. Next connect your compatible Magellan Outdoor GPS to your computer and select sync if you want synchronize data from both GPS and Vantagepoint or select transfer to my GPS icon if you only want Geocaches and any associated waypoints transferred to your GPS

NOTE: To view all Geocaches saved to "my Cache Collection" click onto my journal and then click onto the + symbol near Geocaches (refer to image below) to expand information and you will see you Geocaches saved from to your PC in our example we only saved one
NOTE 2: Free basic Geocaching membership allows you to download up to 3 Geocaches a day with detailed hint information. Premium paid membership allows you to download up to 6000 Geocaches a day
NOTE: 3 A list of compatible GPS receivers for VantagePoint can be found under the VantagePoint Product page under "compatible units" here

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