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 Why does ContentManager show “No Purchased Features/Content” when I try to download my map subscription?
Article The reason this happens is because in order to download or see if a map update is available after you have purchased a map subscription you need to select check for updates, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your GPS. Wait for the menu to appear and connect to your Computer using the USB cable provided.

  2. Content manager will automatically prompt you about the update. If Content Manager does not prompt you, right click on the Content Manager icon located in the system tray and select "Check for updates now". Content Manager will inform you if you have the latest software already installed.

NOTE: System tray is in the lower right hand corner of your computer monitor screen near the clock. Upon purchase of your map subscription a new map may or may not be available. The reason for this is because Magellan periodically updates maps approximately every 3 to 5 months so there may be a time when no updates are available.

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