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 Troubleshooting a Magellan Communicator not found error using Microsoft Internet Explorer
If you'd like to download the PDF version of these instructions click here.

The Magellan Communicator is an internet browser plug-in that will allow connection between a web browser and the GPS unit. This plug-in enables data transfer, for example, from to the eXplorist and Triton GPS receivers. For system and unit compatibility click here.

If you are receiving an error message that the "Magellan Communicator not found", please follow the steps below:
  1. Make sure that the Magellan Communicator is already installed on your computer by looking for it in the control panel under programs, if it is not installed then click here and select "Download Now."

  2. After clicking "Send to GPS," a window will pop-up with a note in the upper portion of the window that says: "This website wants to run the following add-on: 'MagellanCommunication' from Magellan." Left click on the message.

  3. The screen below will appear with 4 options. Select "Run Add on."

  4. Next you will see a prompt to "Run" the ActiveX control, select Run.

  5. Step 5 should have resolved the issue but if it does not, you can look in the "Manage Add-ons" option in the Internet Explorer. The Magellan communicator is an add-on and depending ont hes ettings of the browser, the plug-in may or may not run. To access this option, from your Internet Explorer click on Tools and select Manage Add-ons.

  6. This screen below will appear with currently loaded add-ons. Look for the "Magellan" and check the status if it is enabled or disabled. Click on Magellan to access the enabled/disable option, which will appear in the right hand corner of the screen. If it is already showing enabled and it is still not found by the browser, try disabling and then re-enable. If these steps do not work, try using the Firefox browser or call support at 1-800-707-9971 for futher troubleshooting.

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