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 How do I activate a Map on my compatible eXplorist GPS receiver
Article The steps are for eXplorist models compatible with preloaded SD card or Map download purchased from the web loaded to an SD card. (eXplorist 400, 500, 500LE, 600, and XL)

  1. Press “Menu” select "preferences" then select active setup
  2. Under active setup select "detailed Maps" and press enter
  3. Press enter on “Select Map” then select "Up one level"
  4. You will see a list of folders select up one level again to access SD card
  5. Select "SD card" and press enter
  6. The screen will say empty Select "Up one level" once again
  7. You will see a list of folders scroll down past them and you will see the map file press enter and select yes to make active

NOTE: Lake Files will have a LUX prefix and Marine charts will have M1XX prefix

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