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 Uploading Field Notes and Logs onto
Article As you search for geocaches you will be recording information (Found, Not Found, Maintenance, etc.) as well as ‘logs’ or notes about your journey in your GPS receiver. Now you may want to take that information and post it to to share with others. To use to do this follow steps below:

  1. Go to and log in your account.
  2. From the Navigation pane, select “Your Profile”.
  3. Under your status pane, select “Access Your Field Notes”.
  4. Look for the Magellan Supported Devices and click on the link to upload your Field. (Note: Turn on your receiver and connect it to your PC with the USB cable.)
  5. Select “Connect to PC” on the receiver.
  6. Click on the “Browse” button and go to the geocaches folder in the MAGELLAN directory.
  7. Select the file named “newlogs.txt”. (Note: The newlogs.txt file contains all the field notes and logs you have created since the creation of the newlogs.txt file.)
  8. Click on the “Upload Field Note” button.
  9. The web page will provide you with the number of records that were successfully loaded.
  10. Click on “Return to Field Notes” link.
  11. Your uploaded logs and field notes are listed. You now need to compose the log. Click on “Compose Log” for each log and you will be redirected to the “Post a New Log” page where you need to make any additions or changes and then select the “Submit Log Entry” button. Continue doing this for the remainder of the logs uploaded.
  12. It is suggested that now you go into the geocaches folder and delete (or move to your computer) the newlogs.txt file. The next time you create a log or field note, a new newlogs.txt file will be written to your receiver.

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