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 What are the features of Content Manager?
Article Content Manager is a PC application that syncs with your Magellan GPS device to deliver new updates, map unlocks and easy access to your account.

  • Registration - Seamless registration process for your devices. Software recognizes model number and serial number.
  • Automatic Software Updates - connect your device to the PC and receive automatic notification of any new product software or updated Content Manager software.
  • Map unlock - Provides automatic unlock of premium map upgrades after purchase.
  • Multiple Magellan device support - Allow you to create multiple device profiles for software updates.
  • Automatic Notification of Map Updates - Connect your device to the PC and receive automatic notification of any new Map updates available for purchase.
  • Installation of Purchased Content - Content Manager will install all purchased content including Map Updates.
  • Synchronize addresses from GPS to PC - Content Manager will allow you to save your address book to your PC and download to another GPS.

  • For a complete list of Content Manager compatible units click here and click on the Compatible Units tab.

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