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 What are Lifetime Maps?
Article Eligible Magellan product with Lifetime Maps entitles you to receive up to four (4) map data updates per year, when updates are made available on Magellan’s website. Lifetime maps are available for the life of the GPS receiver or until Magellan no longer receives relevant map data from its map supplier, whichever is shorter. The updates will be the same geographic map data originally included with your Magellan product. In some instances, your Magellan product might not have sufficient memory remaining for you to load an update, in which case you will need to either (a) select reduced map data coverage, or (b) purchase a separate microSD card to load all or a portion of the map data coverage on the card. Your Lifetime Maps may not be transferred to another person or another Magellan product. To update your map content or to be notified when new maps are available download and install Content Manager on your PC. Content Manager will alert you when there are new software update including map updates available for you product and download and install the software for you. You can download Content Manager by clicking here.

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