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 What is the scale and TOPO interval level/scale of the TOPO Canada Maps?
Article The topographic source data used in the TOPO Canada product is 30 -meter resolution and this is basically the bottom half of Canada if you move to the northern area you will have 90 meter resolution .

However, the contour “spacing” or interval that is seen on the device when using VantagePoint is determined by multiple factors. Mainly zoom scale and map object density. Therefore line spacing will vary between 200 to 12ft intervals depending on the scale you are on which is adjustable from 1:2000 to 1:50000 scales. So basically you are looking at seeing contour lines from 2 mile down to 200ft scale on Vantagepoint and on the Triton GPS contour line is not visible until .5 mile scale down to 100ft

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