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 What is the functionality of the BlueTooth Multi-Function button? (Video Demonstration)
Article With BlueTooth connected

  • Tap button to accept incoming call
  • Press and hold button for longer than 1 second to reject call
  • Tap button two times consecutively to redial last number called

  • iPhone 3GS Only
  • (Not on an active call) Tap button to activate iPhone 3GS voice recognition feature

  • With BlueTooth connected and on an active call

  • Press button to transfer call from the Premium Car Kit loudspeaker to the iPhone handset and vice-versa
  • Press and hold button for longer than 1 second to end an active call

  • Without a BlueTooth device connected

  • Hold button for longer than 5 seconds to erase all paired phones from memory
  • When a paired BlueTooth phone is in range of the Premium Car Kit and not connected, tap the button once to connect the Premium Car Kit to the phone

  • Terms Used
    Paired = Phone and Premium Car Kit have been linked together but are not connected and interacting with each other.
    Connected = Paired phone and Premium Car Kit are actually communicating and are able to interact on command.

    Please see video below for a demonstration on how to enter and route to an address on the One Touch products.

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