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 How Do I set the time on My Triton GPS?
Article Magellan GPS receiver’s time cannot be set manually.
In order to have the correct time set on your Magellan GPS receiver, you must set the proper time zone you are located in (ie Pacific, Central or Eastern). Once the time zone is set the exact hour and minute will display as information is received from the satellites.
The following information will assist you on setting the time zone on your Magellan GPS.

For Outdoor Triton series 200,300,400 500, 1500 and 2000

1. From the map screen press “Menu” and select “View”.
2. Select "Settings" and press “Enter”.
3. Scroll down and select "Time Zone" and press “Enter”.
4. Select time zone you are in and press enter.
5. Select "Daylight savings" and set to on if it applies in your area
6. Press “ESC” repeatedly until you return to the map screen.

Note: The above steps only apply to Tritons loaded with the latest software found under Manuals and software updates

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