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 Is it possible to listen to music on the iPhone while routing to a destination?
Article There are two ways to play music while you are routing to a destination. You can use the multi-tasking feature of the new iOS4 allows or you can play it with in the application itself.

To use it as a multi-tasking operation use the following instructions:
  1. Double tap the Home button on your iPhone to bring up the multi-task menu bar.
  2. Select the application you wish to open (iPod).
  3. Once you've selected the feature you'd like to run in the background double tap the Home button and select the RoadMate application icon.
  4. Repeat the steps to go back to the application running in the background to make any changes i.e. change the song or playlist.

To run the music player from the application and display the music button over the map screen us the following instructions:
  1. Press the Menu button from the map screen
  2. Select the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select the Music player button to place a check mark in the white box

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