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 Is My MapSend® Program Compatible with Windows Vista?
Article Like many programs written prior for Windows® XP they may or may not run correctly on Windows Vista™. Our MapSend products from 2003 and later were developed and tested on XP; however Vista was not available when MapSend was developed. Therefore Magellan recommends that consumers use the “Program compatibility wizard" provided by Microsoft®.

Below is a brief explanation of this Tool.

Starting Screen

How to run the program Compatibility Wizard

1. Click on the START button then select CONTROL PANEL Under control panel you then click onto PROGRAMS under Programs you will see this screen below you then select “Use an older program with this version of Windows".

Step 1

2. You will then see this screen below. Click Next.

Step 2

3. The screen below will then appear. Select “I want to use the program in the CD-ROM drive" and click Next.

Step 3

4. As a result of selecting to run the program from the CD-ROM drive you will see this image below at which point you will have the option to choose your operating system. Select the “Microsoft Windows XP" option and click Next.

Step 4

5. You then will be prompted to select a display setting. Select “256 colors" and click Next.

Step 5

6. You then will see this screen below. Click Next unless your PC is controlled by an administrator. I.E. Your company owns the PC you are using. In which case you will need to consult with the company administrator.

Step 6

7. Select “Allow" and the program will begin to install.

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