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 Why can I not synchronize my Waypoints/Geocaches/Tracks from VantagePoint to my eXplorist GPS receiver?
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The Synchronization feature only works with the Triton GPS Receivers. For transferring Waypoints/Geocaches/Tracks and route data to a compatible eXplorist unit, you will need to follow the steps below:
1. Select the Import/Export option in VantagePoint.
2. Convert and save your waypoints to the eXplorist format. Your waypoints are saved in "My GPS" folder under "My Documents" on your PC.
3. Connect your eXplorist GPS to your PC and manually copy and paste the waypoints from the "My GPS" folder on your PC to the "My POI" folder on you eXplorist GPS.

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Created On: 25 Nov 2009 10:19 PM

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