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 Is my phone compatible with the Magellan Maestro 3140/4040/4050?
Article Please view our list of compatible phones below:

Bluetooth Compatibility Chart

Make Model Notes
Audiovox CDM9900  
Blackberry 8700c 1
Cingular 2125 1, 3
Dopod 828  
Dopod 838  
Dopod (Orange SPV M3000)  
Dopod 818 (Qtek S100)  
Dopod D900  
Dopod Dopod 577W (Imate SP5)  
LG VX8500  
LG VX9900 1
Motorola A630 3
Motorola E815  
Motorola i870  
Motorola L6  
Motorola PEBL  
Motorola Q  
Motorola V3 - Razr  
Motorola V3c 3
Motorola V600 3
Motorola V600i  
Motorola V710 4
Nokia 3660  
Nokia 6021  
Nokia 6230  
Nokia 6660  
Nokia 6670  
Nokia 6680  
Nokia 6681  
Nokia 6822  
Nokia 3230  
Nokia 3650  
Nokia 6102  
Nokia 6260  
Nokia 6820  
Nokia 7280 1
Nokia 7600  
Nokia 7610  
Nokia 9300 2
Nokia 9500  
Nokia 6102i  
Nokia 6236i  
Nokia 6315i 5
Nokia N70  
Nokia N80  
Nokia N90  
Nokia N-Gage  
Nokia N-Gage QD  
Palm Treo 700P  
Palm Treo 700W 3
Samsung A900 3
Samsung SCH-i730  
Samsung SGH-d357 2
Samsung T809  
Samsung A990 1
Samsung SGH-D500  
Samsung SGH-E340  
Samsung SGH-E370  
Siemens Mio A700  
Siemens S56  
Siemens S65  
Sony Ericsson  P910i 1, 3
Sony Ericsson  T637  
Sony Ericsson  T68i  
Sony Ericsson  Z800  
Sony Ericsson K750i  
Sony Ericsson S700i  
Sony Ericsson T630  
Sony Ericsson W600i  
Sony Ericsson W800i  
Sony Ericsson P910i  

1. Recommend pairing with the Magellan RoadMate from handset (Pair Mode).
2. Recommend pairing with the handset from the Magellan RoadMate (Explore Mode).
3. Rare cases of intermitent volume issues.
4. Auto answer feature is not available.
5. Only supports headset profile. Calls cannot be initated from the Magellan RoadMate.

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