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 What size Audio/Video cable can I use?
Article The Audio/Video port will accept a 3.5mm mini plug. The Audio/Video port on the RoadMate 1700 can be used to play Audio/Video from an external source.

  • Video/Sound will be displayed/played immediately once the RoadMate 1700 receives signal from an external device.
  • There are no settings on or in the receiver to adjust.
  • The receiver accepts a 3.5 MM mini jack. The mini jack cable needs three rings on the plug to play audio and video. If the plug only has two rings it will not display video.
  • Please be aware the device that is playing the video source may have to be setup. Consult playback device owners manual for setup.

  • Note: The A/V port on the RoadMate 1700 does not output sound or video. The A/V port cannot be used to display the map screen or sound on an external device.

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