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 If I replace my eXplorist with a Magellan Triton can I continue to use MapSend Topo 3D USA or MapSend DirectRoute?
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MapSend Topo 3D USA and MapSend DirectRoute are not designed for the Triton GPS, but they will function with the Triton. However, major functions will be disabled, including turn-by-turn guidance and search for addresses. Magellan maps and software are designed to be used with one product. Therefore, if you download MapSend Topo 3D or MapSend DirectRoute to your Triton, it will be associated with that product serial number, and will not be available for use with any other unit.
1. Open MapSend.
2. Create map.
3. Save map to hard drive.
4. When MapSend asks for the Target GPS unit serial number enter the Triton's serial number without the leading zero and last number.
5. Open VantagePoint.
6. Add the saved map from the hard drive to VantagePoint.
7. Upload the map from VantagePoint to the Triton GPS unit

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