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 What are User Profiles and how do I set them?
Article User profiles enable you to adjust the settings for backlight and power timers. They are also used to activate or deactivate alarms and select map detail.

There are 3 types of customizable user profiles: hiking, marine and Geocache.

Press the MENU key. Select “View.” Select “Profiles.” Select the user profile you would like to change and press the PAGE / GO TO button. You can make changes to the power and display settings on the first page.
Press the PAGE / GO TO button again to show the map display options. Use the scroll keys and press Enter to set the level of map detail and which features you would like to appear on the map.
Press the PAGE / GO TO button again to show the Alert settings for waypoint proximity and arrival. Change the settings using the scroll keys and press Enter.
Press the PAGE / GO TO button again to complete your adjustments. Press Enter to activate your profile, then press Escape (esc) to return to the map screen.

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