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 What is a waypoint and how do I use it on my Triton device?
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A waypoint is a set of coordinates that identify a physical location on the map of your Triton device.
An example of how you would create and use a waypoint would be marking a place on a lake where you caught fish so you could come back next year and find that spot again.
The following steps will show you how to create a waypoint and navigate back to a waypoint.

Press the enter key on your Triton device and select “Create waypoint" and save the waypoint.
Once you are ready to return to that saved location press and hold the GOTO key.
Select the waypoint you want to navigate to and press enter.
The map screen will display a straight line with two flags - the green flag marks your departure position and the red flag marks your destination. Simply follow the line to your destination (or the red flag).

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