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 How to load a Geocache onto your Triton Series GPS?
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Follow the steps below:

1. Login to and create an account if you have not already done so.

2. Enter your Zip code where you want to search for Geocaches.

3. Click onto .lOC file or.GPX if you have premium user subscription.

4. You will be prompted to save to your PC; save file to your Desktop or Documents.

5. Open up VantagePoint™ software and select the“ VP" icon in the upper left hand corner.

6. Select open and browse to where your saved your geocache route (Desktop or Documents).

7. Connect your Triton® device to your PC then within your VantagePoint software, select “Transfer data from PC to GPS".

8. Select the geocache route(s) you want to transfer and click ok.

Click here for detailed instructions

NOTE: if you are experiencing issues connecting your Triton device to your PC, Magellan provides instructions on re-installing your Triton device to your pc here:
Complete instructions (XP users)
Complete instructions (Vista users) "

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