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 How do I load National Geographic TOPO!® Explorer deluxe map on to my Triton® device?
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Follow the steps below:

Connect your Triton device with the TOPO! Explorer application and under "GPS Connect" select automatically detect. (NOTE: Make sure your Triton device is in “Connect to PC" mode.) If you have not redeemed map credits for SuperQuads yet, visit the National Geographic map store directions here

NOTE: On National Geographic applications, the Triton device screen will say "waiting to connect". This is ok since it does see your Triton device but only connects when sending a map or waypoints. Make sure the VantagePoint™ application is closed as well.

1. Navigate on the Index map to the area you'd like to export by double clicking the map to zoom in.

2. Click the “Triton Map Export" tab (NOTE: under the "GPS Connect" option is where you will find the map export tab).

3. Define the area you'd like to export by using the export tools.
Resizing the “Export" bounding box: To resize the yellow bounding rectangle, mouse over one of its edges. You'll see a double sided arrow appear. Simply drag the edge to your desired size. If you do not find the edge of the yellow export rectangle then zoom out of the map.
Relocating the “Export" bounding box: To relocate the export area, click on and drag the “anchor" located in the center of the yellow export rectangle.

4. Create a unique name for your map.

5. Choose whether you want to export both the USGS 24k and 100k or each level individually from the drop down box.

6. Select if you would like to export the “TOPO", “Aerial", or “Hybrid" map from the drop down box.

7. After making the above selections, click the “Export Map Now" button.

The Status Message will change from "Map Export in Progress" to "Exporting Map to Triton. Please wait…" When finished, it should read "Successfully Transferred". You'll also see a map transfer progress bar appear in the upper right hand corner. Once transferred, you can disconnect your Triton device.

Click here for detailed instructions

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