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 What is the adhesive disk used for?
Article The adhesive disk can be used to mount your GPS receiver to your vehicles dashboard.

"To install* the adhesive disk:

1. Clean and dry the dashboard where the adhesive disk is going to be installed using enclosed alcohol pad.
2. Remove the protective paper cover from the bottom of the adhesive disk; place the bottom of the adhesive disk firmly on the dashboard.
3. Apply even pressure on the top of the adhesive disk for a secure fit (Allow 24 hours to cure).
4. Place suction cup mount on top of adhesive disk.
5. Firmly press suction cup mount down flat against the adhesive disk, press the suction cup lever down to secure the suction cup to the adhesive disk.

*Please be aware after installing the adhesive disk, removal of the disk may damage the dashboard surface. "

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Created On: 18 Nov 2009 10:04 PM

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