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 How do I load a map purchased from to my Triton GPS?
Article 1. Download and install VantagePoint™ click here.
2. Connect your Triton GPS to your PC and power it on.
3. Download the purchased map install file from your account past orders section to your PC.
4. Double click the map install file from your PC.
5. Click install to unzip the map file to your PC.
6. Open VantagePoint.
7. Click the Library tab.
8. Click the Browse button below the Library tab.
9. Click Add Map… button.
10. Select the unzipped map file, click the Open button to add the map to VantagePoint.
11. Select the map file in the left window that was added to VantagePoint.
12. Click the right arrow button to transfer the map file from VantagePoint to the Triton GPS unit.
13. After the map successfully transfers from VantagePoint disconnect the Triton from the PC.
14. Now you are ready to view the map on your Triton.

For detailed instructions click here (Add PDF) "

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