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 Can you help me with completing the map update for my Magellan RoadMate 800T/860T /3000T/3050T/6000T?
Article "This guide will help you upgrade your Magellan RoadMate with the map update. Let's go through the checklist to ensure you have everything you need before we start the upgrade process.

* Magellan RoadMate receiver
* PC with Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4) or XP (Service Pack 3) operating system
* AC power adapter or fully charged battery via the vehicle power adapter
* USB cable

Before you start:

Do not connect your Magellan RoadMate to the USB port of your computer until instructed to do so.

1. Close all other applications on your PC. This will enable the upgrade process to run more smoothly and efficiently.
2. If you have a Pocket PC device ensure that you do not have it connected to your PC through a cradle / USB port. Once you have finished updating your Magellan RoadMate as outlined below, you can reconnect your Pocket PC device after restarting Microsoft Active Sync.

Update process. Please print these instructions:

Do not connect your Magellan RoadMate to the USB port of your computer until instructed to do so.

1. Insert the DVD and it will auto run click next on the Welcome screen:
Step 1
2. Follow the instructions on the update wizard - make sure you connect the USB cable between the unit and the PC only when advised to do so. (Please connect directly to the PC and not through a USB hub.)
Step 2
3. If you have used the Magellan RoadMate Tools PC application to transfer files to your unit before, skip step 4 and proceed to step 5.
4. If you have never connected your receiver to your PC via USB before, you will see the 'Found New Hardware Wizard' dialog box pop up. The sequence of screens depends on which version of Windows Operating System you are using on your PC. The instructions here are for Windows XP.
* If you see the below screen first, please select 'no, not this time' and click Next:
Step 4a
* If you go directly to this screen: select 'Install the software automatically', and click Next:
Step 4b
* If you see this next screen, click 'continue anyway'.
Step 4c
* Click 'Finish' on the last screen of the New Hardware Wizard:
Step 4d
5. Now, click ‘Next' on the Unit connection screen:
Step 5
6. The application will begin to detect your unit. Once the application finds it, the 'Update in Progress' screen will display on your PC.
7. Do not disconnect until the 'Update completed' screen is displayed in your PC monitor, similar to this one below (this may take from 2 to 3 hours). Then click the 'Finish' button.
Step 7
8. Disconnect the USB cable from your device (do not disconnect your AC adapter.)
9. Your device will now automatically restart.
10. Your device is now updated

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