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 How do I select a detailed map for use on my Triton?
Article The following steps show how to activate a detailed map on your Triton™. Magellan maps are available in two forms:

* Download from Magellan website then transfeer onto an SD Card
* Pre-loaded SD Card such as an XL-3 Marine chart

The following steps also apply for detailed maps loaded from National Geographic TOPO! to your Triton.

1. From the map screen, press Menu.
triton 1

2. Select View on the menu screen and press Enter.
triton 2

3. Select Maps from the view menu and press Enter.
triton 3

4. Select the map you want to activate and press Enter.
triton 4

5. When a map is selected, the font will appear in blue and the red slash will be removed. Select the green checkmark and press Enter to display your selected map.
triton 5

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