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 How do vehicle types affect the route?
Article Prior to routing to a destination you have an opportunity to change the vehicle mode. Vehicle modes restrict access to certain roads depending on your mode of choice. For example, in Bus mode the route will not navigate through residential roads, private roads, or pedestrian roads. Bus mode, however, will route on bus only access roads that are not available to other modes. Taxi mode is the same as Bus mode, but instead of using bus only access roads it will take Taxi only access roads. In Emergency mode, routes will navigate on all roads except pedestrian roads. Pedestrian and Bicycle mode do not route through private or controlled access roads but will access pedestrian only roads. The only difference between pedestrian and bicycle mode is bicycle mode will take into account directional constraints and pedestrian will not. Car mode will not route through private roads or use pedestrian walkways. Car mode uses roads where access for cars is allowed.

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