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 How to connect my Triton™ to my PC?
Article If a Triton is connected before VantagePoint is installed on your PC it will not install properly because VantagePoint contains the drivers needed to install your Triton to your PC. It is important to remember to install VantagePoint first. For a solution to this problem please follow the steps below:
  1. Install the VantagePoint application from the documentation CD that came with your Triton or click here to download VantagePoint.
  2. Turn on your Triton and select ""menu"". Then select ""view"" and then select ""connectivity.""
  3. Under connectivity select either ""connect to PC"" or ""VantagePoint"" depending on the version of your Triton.
  4. Go into your device manager and uninstall and then re-install your Triton receiver.

For more detailed instructions (XP users)click here (XP users)
For more detialed instructions (Vista users)click here (Vista users)

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