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Search Support Center: browser plugin keeps asking to install before map update
Article During the process of installing a software or map update using you will be asked to install a Magellan plugin. After the plugin is installed may continue to ask you to install the Magellan plugin even though it has already been installed.

A program is blocking the Magellan plugin after installation.

To resolve this issue the program blocking the Magellan plugin must be disabled.

To disable the program perform the following steps:
  1. On your PC select the Start/Windows icon.
  2. In the search field key in MSCONFIG and press enter.
  3. Select the services tab in the System Configuration window.
  4. Click the box that says hide all Microsoft services.
  5. In the services list find Driver Support ao service headquarters LP.
  6. Unchceck any box that starts with Driver Support ao service headquarters LP.
  7. Select the Apply button.
  8. Select Restart.
  9. Go back to to update your device.

Note: Driver Support is a third party non Microsoft Program. It is not necessary to operate Windows. Please investigate if this a program you want to re-enable. If you re-enabled you must disable again before using .

To re-enable Driver Support program follow the same steps used to disable.

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