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 How do I know if the memory card is full?
Article The DVR records in 5 minute segments, and will use the entire capacity of the SD-card. When the card is full, it continues by writing over the oldest files in sequence so it always has available memory. You can view the current available memory by following the steps below:

1. Power off the Magellan receiver and remove the SD-card.
2. Place the SD-card in a card reader so your PC can ‘see’ it as a drive, and view that drive using Explorer.
3. Double-click the file “Magellan.exe”. (Select and run it - details can vary according to the settings on your PC.) In the player, you can review recording segments and each segment will have a size there will be multiple segments indicating total memory being used. You can also delete or save files to your computer in .AVI video format

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