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 Can I take pictures with my GPS?
Article No. However, you can take snapshots of saved video using the DVR player provided on the card follow steps below to save a snapshot of recorded video.

1. Remove the Micros SD card from the top of the GPS near the DVR icon (NOTE: you will need to remove protective sticker over SD slot)
2. Insert card into Micro SD card slot on computer or Card Reader (NOTE: a Micro SD card adapter may be required which can be purchased at a local electronics retailer)
3. Open the removable drive that the micros SD card was assigned by computer
4. Next you will see files double click onto the ADR.exe file as a result a media player will appear highlight the select the play button to play a video file
5. At the lower left hand corner of the DVR application window select the camera icon as a result you will be prompted to save a still image of what is currently being played

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