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 How do I playback, save, and delete video?
Article To playback video follow the steps below:

On the GPS receiver:

1. From the map screen select menu
2. Select the DVR menu (camera aperture icon) as a result a screen with 5 icons will be displayed, select the
movie playback icon (second icon from the left)
3. Select the play button at the bottom center of the screen and the device will begin to play the most
recent recorded video.

On a Computer:

There are also 2 different ways to play the videos on your computer please see instructions below
using an optional card reader: some computers come with a SD card or Micro SD card slot built in alternately you can purchase an external card reader from a local electronics retailer

1. Remove the Micros SD card from the top of the GPS near the DVR icon
2. Insert card into Micro SD card slot on computer or Card Reader (NOTE: a Micro SD card adapter may be
required which can be purchased at a local electronics retailer)
3. Open the removable drive that the micros SD card was assigned by computer
4. Next you will see files double click onto the magellan.exe file as a result a media player will appear select
the play button to play the video file
Using card slot on GPS:

If your computer does not have a built in card reader and do not have an external card reader nor do you wish to purchase one follow the steps below:

1. Remove the Micros SD card from the top of the GPS near the DVR icon
and insert it into the side Micro SD card slot of the GPS (near Headphone jack)
2. Connect the GPS to your computer and allow 15 or more seconds for GPS to re-boot and begin install
3. Once installation process is complete your GPS will appear to your computer as a 2 removable drives
open up the higher letter drive. The drive will contain 4 files
4. Double click onto the ADR.exe file as a result a media player will appear select the open option in the
lower left hand corner of the app page
5. Upon selecting the folder icon a window will appear with options select the drop down near the drive and
select the next drive letter and select open
6. Select the Play button to play the video file

NOTE: You can save or delete videos from the card by selecting one of the options when running the DVR app on your Computer.

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