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 How do I plan a Trip on my eXplorist 350H?
Article The Plan Trip is used when you want to create a trip that can be used to navigate on. Multiple points can be created and used to define the trip you are planning. For example you may use Plan Trip to map out an area using waypoints that you marked during a previous scouting trip.

Follow the steps below to create a trip:

  1. Select HUNT from the Main Menu.

  2. Select PLAN TRIP.

  3. Choose one of the three options below to add points to the trip.

    • ENTER COORDINATES. After selecting this option you will be presented with a Coordinates Entry screen. Highlight the coordinate to change and press ENTER. Use the joystick to change the values in the coordinate. Press ENTER when done with each coordinate. Select the green check mark at the bottom of the screen to confirm the entered position. Next select the waypoint category and an icon for this point

    • DROP PINPS ON THE MAP. Use the joystick to scroll around the map. When you come to a point you want to add, press ENTER. Next select the waypoint category and an icon for this point. You can continue adding points to the trip by dropping additional pins. When you are done adding points, press MENU and select CONTINUE EDITING TRIP.

    • SEARCH. Selecting SEARCH brings up a submenu with WAYPOINTS (waypoints you saved during TRACK ME trips), POINTS OF INTEREST (access waypoints that have been preloaded for important points of interest) and GMU AREAS (select a GMU areas and add a point to the GMU boundary).

  4. When you are done planning your trip, select Menu, and choose from the options to Begin Trip, Save Trip, Continue Creating Trip, or Discard Changes.

  5. When saving your trip use the keyboard to enter a custom name for the trip.

NOTE: Planned Trips behave differently from trips created from TRACK ME. It is recommended that you assign a name to any planned trip so it can be easily distinguished from a TRACK ME trip.

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