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 How do I Download a DigitalGlobe Satellite Map onto my GPS?
 To download the map use the following steps: If you have not already done so, Download VantagePoint by clicking here. Open up VantagePoint and under “partner
 How do I Download a National Geographic Map onto my GPS?
 To download the maps use the following steps: If you have not already done so, Download VantagePoint by clicking here. Open up VantagePoint and under “partners” in the top tool bar select the National Geographic drop down tab.
 Why can I not synchronize my Waypoints/Geocaches/Tracks from VantagePoint to my eXplorist GPS receiver?
 Answer: The Synchronization feature only works with the Triton GPS Receivers. For transferring Waypoints/Geocaches/Tracks and route data to a compatible eXplorist unit, you will need to follow the steps below: 1. Select the Import/Export option in Vant
 Is VantagePoint and the Triton series compatible with Windows Vista 64-bit system?
 Answer: Yes.
 How do I back up the maps from my eXplorist GPS?
 You can back up the preloaded background map and or (if applicable detailed map from your eXplorist) 110, 310,510,610 and 710 GPS using VantagePoint which is a free download available from our website by clicking
 What is VantagePoint™ Lite used for?
 VantagePoint Lite is an application that automatically installs with VantagePoint and shows up on your PC system tray. This allows you to easily update your Triton GPS without opening up the entire VantagePoint application. (Note: if you wish to backup yo
 What Magellan GPS devices are compatible with VantagePoint?
 Both eXplorist and Triton series are compatible. Currently, NO Vehicle Navigation products are compatible with VantagePoint. Please check back in the future for new product compatibility.
 How do I Downlaod a Geocache from to my GPS using VatnagePoint?
 The Magellan Outdoor PC application VantagePoint has the ability to view and download Geocaches from to your PC and GPS. Simply download the VantagePoint application install on your PC, select a Geocache from the map screen then save an
 How do I use the GPS LOG function in VantagePoint™?
 In vantage point there is real time navigation option wherein you can see your position on the map this is called GPS log. To activate this feature open up vantage Point and at the top tool bar select the GPS log drop down menu and then select start. Next
 What are the Minimum PC requirements for VantagePoint?
 The minimum PC requirements are: IBM based PC Processor @1.5 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor Memory 512 Mb RAM minimum Video card RAM DirectX 9.0 compatible card wit
 What are the Backup and Restore icons for under the "Protect" option used for?
 The intention for this is to back up user data saved in Journal in the event you should loose your GPS or has to be replaced by our repair center you then can reload your saved data back into another GPS. NOTE:
 What are the Connectivity icons "Disconnect" and "Reconnect" used for
 The "Disconnect" icon allows you to use VantagePoint and your GPS unit at the same time without disconnecting the GPS. The "Reconnect" option allows you re-establish communication between the GPS unit and VantagePoint.
 What maps are compatible with VantagePoint?
 All Outdoor and Recreation Maps are available at
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