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 How do I update my maps/software?
 To check that you have the latest map for your device: Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Log into with your Magellan GPS account. Click on the *Update *tab. Click *Download *if
 How do I register and check for updates of my Vehicle Navigation Device?
 Follow these instructions to register and check for updates on your NEW Magellan GPS Receiver Download and install Content Manager by clicking here
 I connected my GPS receiver to my PC but Content manager did not register it.
 I connected my GPS receiver to my PC but Content manager did not register it. Make sure you have a compatible unit from the list in the hyperlink below and in some cases depending on the software your GPS receiver is loaded with you may need to have used
 What GPS models are compatible with the Content Manager?
 For a complete list of Content Manager compatible units click
 What are the features of Content Manager?
 Content Manager is a PC application that syncs with your Magellan GPS device to deliver new updates, map unlocks and easy access to your account. Registration - Seamless registration process for your d
 What operating systems is the Content Manager compatible with?
 The following operating systems are compatiable: Windows XP home and professional Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 3 Windows Vista Home basic Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2 Windows Vis
 What is Content Manager used for?
 Content manager currently is used to register and update the software/maps of your compatible GPS receiver. It also alows you to save your address book and notifies you of software/map updates as they become available for your GPS receiver(s).
 How do I know my GPS device has the latest map?
 Right click Content Manager icon in the system tray located near your PC clock. Select the Check for Updates Now option. If you have the latest map a message will appear indicating, "Your GPS device is up-to-date". You will also see the same map version s
 How do I know what map version my GPS device currently has?
 Right click Content Manager icon in the system tray located near your PC clock. Select the "Manage Devices" option. The map and software version will be listed for your GPS device. Alternatively, you can see map version by selecting Check for Updates Now
 How to Back Up and Restore Your Addresses?
 This option backs up the internal address book and previous destinations. This feature will not back up your settings, you will have to reassign your OneTouch buttons if you have any. In order to perform a back n up your unit's data please follow the st
 Is Content Manager compatible with a Mac computer?
 Yes, currently Content Manager is compatible with Mac OS X10.6 Snow Leopard. Operating system: Mac OS X10.6 Snow Leopard RAM: 256 MB Video Card: Video Card DirectX 9.0 compatible, with 128
 What is the Sync Purchased Features/Content option used for?
 With this option you can perform the following functions: Unlock code purchase activation. For example, if you purchase the optional Canada map unlock activation code then Content Manager will automatically enter the 20
 Why am I seeing a POP up message indicating that there is not enough space to download my European map on my Mac computer?
 In some cases you may need to manually reformat your SD card. For instructions on how to reformat your SD Card on your Mac computer click
 How long does it take to download the map into my GPS?
 The European or U.S. map including GPS software can take anywhere from 4 hours to (using high speed connection) about 3 days (using dial up connection).
 Why do I need to login using Content Manager to get updates?
 For security reasons magellan requires users to login prior to receiving software and any applicable map updates.
 Why the "Sync Purchased Features/Content” button grayed out?
 In order to install maps or software you need to connect your GPS to your PC if not this button will be grayed out
 Can I load additional points of interest with the Content manager?
 Currently the Content Manager does not have this option.
 Why can I not update my software or map
 In order to update to the latest software or map you will need the latest version of Content Manager. To make sure content manager is up to date, Right click Content Manager icon in the system tray located near your PC clock and Select "check for updates.
 Why does ContentManager update my software to V2.22 over and over again?
 If this happens you will need to select “cancel”, then select “check for updates”. At this point you should see version 2.42 as the latest version. Select “get now” to complete the update of your device to the latest version.
 Why does the Content Manager Mileage Report not show any data on a Mac computer?
 Currently Content Manager Mac version does not support this feature and will have an update for this shortly.
 How many addresses can I sync to my gps?
 You can sync up to 200 address book entries.
 How come I do not see my gps under manager devices after installing content manager 2.0?
 The new version will not save this info and you will have to re-connect your gps to add this information NOTE: this does not affect your gps under your account on our website only the information on your PC.
 Why can I not sync an address in Content Manager on a Mac computer?
 We are currently working on this issue and we will have an update on this shortly.
 Can I use my cell phone or outlook address book with Content Manager?
 No, content manager only allows you to transfer the address book between compatible Magellan GPS units. For a complete list of Content Manager compatible units click here
 Why do I need to update my gps to use the address book?
 if you have an earlier version of software on your GPS the format may not be the same and will not be compatible, therefore, it is necessary to update your gps to the latest version.
 Why doesn’t all my address info get saved to the content manager address book?
 Currently Content Manager will only save one phone number per address and only one address per contact so if you have a contact with a work address, only the home will be saved. NOTE: If you have a contact with both home and
 Why do I see 2 addresses of the same contact in Content Manager?
 Currently content manager can only save an address with one phone and one address if the contact has both work and home address/phone numbers it will be saved as 2 separate address entries with the same name.
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