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 Are USB 2.0 cables compatible with our products?
 Can I purchase a replacement battery for my GPS receiver?
 Can I use my computer to transfer addresses to my Magellan GPS receiver?
 Can my GPS receiver be used on a motorcycle?
 Do I need to be a AAA member to access the AAA TourBook or AAA Roadside Assistance screen?
 How can I prevent my computer from automatically sleeping or hibernating during a map or software update?
 How do I add, edit, and delete address book entries? (Video Demonstration)
 How do I delete an address from a GPS receiver with OneTouch?
 How do I repair my product?
 How do I report a mapping error?
 How do I use the Adhesive Disk?
 How long does it take to obtain a full battery?
 My GPS unit will not power on, why?
 My RoadMate will not power on, why?
 What are city centers?
 What can I do if an address or street is missing?
 What is Highway Lane Assist?
 What is OneTouch?
 What is Text-to-Speech (TTS) or Spoken Street Names?
 What is the SD/MMC card slot used for?
 What is Traffic Link?
 Where can I get updates for my device?
 Why does my home address change to last address I route to?
 Why doesn’t my device track satellites?
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