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 Can anyone purchase the Magellan RoadMate app?
 Can I get a refund on my application purchase?
 Can I route to addresses in my iPhone Address Book? (Video Demonstration)
 Do I have to pay an additional fee for the traffic alerts?
 How accurate  is the Traffic updates?
 How can I improve the GPS signal to my iPhone?
 How can I save my iPhone RoadMate Application OneTouch favorites before I update?
 How can I troubleshoot GPS signal issues?
 How can I update the maps after I purchase the application?
 How do I retrieve the coupons and offers?
 How do I turn off the application so it doesn't run in the background?
 How is the GPS signal received?
 How long will each ad run for?
 How often do the ads come up?
 How often is the traffic data refreshed on the iPhone application?
 How to I turn off coupons and offers?
 Is it possible to hear the last maneuver/instruction advice again?
 Is the application compatible with built-in car Bluetooth speakerphones?
 What happens if my application fails to download completely?
 What happens if my iPhone freezes?
 What is OneTouch?
 What is Text-to-Speech (TTS) or Spoken Street Names?
 What is the Magellan RoadMate for iPhone application?
 What is the storage space requirement to install the application?
 What map regions are available for the Magellan RoadMate app for iPhone application?
 What types of coupons or promotions will I receive?
 Where can I buy the Magellan RoadMate for iPhone application?
 Where can I download the Magellan RoadMate for iPhone application product manual?
 Where can I find a demo showing how the product works?
 Where can I find tutorials showing the key features?
 Where is the best place to mount my iPhone?
 Which Apple product will work with the Magellan RoadMate for iPhone application?
 Why am I seeing advertisements cycle through my screen?
 Why does my music player on my iPhone 4G turn off after 30 seconds when seated in the Premium Car Kit?
 Will the new RoadMate version 1.3.x provide traffic alerts?
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