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 Are USB 2.0 cables compatible with our products?
 Can I charge or power my RoadMate 1700 using the USB port?
 Can I output or amplify sound?
 Can I purchase a replacement battery for my GPS receiver?
 Can I purchase an alternate mounting solution for my RoadMate1700?
 Can I use my computer to transfer addresses to my Magellan GPS receiver?
 Can my GPS receiver be used on a motorcycle?
 GPS will not power on
 How can I prevent my computer from automatically sleeping or hibernating during a map or software update?
 How can I test my Magellan Wireless Back-Up Camera?
 How do I add, edit, and delete address book entries? (Video Demonstration)
 How do I charge my RoadMate device?
 How do I delete an address from a GPS receiver with OneTouch?
 How do I install the Copilot Truck Micro SD card?
 How do I repeat the last command?
 How do I report a mapping error?
 How do I set the time (time zone) on my GPS?
 How do I use the Adhesive Disk?
 How long can I operate my 7" screen RoadMate device on a full battery charge?
 How long does it take to obtain a full battery?
 How long will my RoadMate operate on a full battery charge?
 How often do you update RoadMate maps?
 How to assemble the Magellan Sun Shade
 How to enter and route to an address on OneTouch products? (Video Demonstration)
 Is the RoadMate 1700 compatible with TrafficLink?
 My RoadMate will not power on, why?
 My unit came with something in the micro SD card slot, what is it for?
 SD memory card slot RoadMate browser plugin keeps asking to install before map update plugin will not install, why?
 Updating map using (pdf)
 What are city centers?
 What can I do if an address or street is missing?
 What does the green or orange LED indicate?
 What is Highway Lane Assist?
 What is OneTouch?
 What is Text-to-Speech (TTS) or Spoken Street Names?
 What is the Audio/Video port used for?
 What is the button above the green/orange LED light used for?
 What is the largest micro SD card I can use?
 What is the micro SD card slot used for?
 What is the SD/MMC card slot used for?
 What size Audio/Video cable can I use?
 Where can I get updates for my device?
 Why does my home address change to last address I route to?
 Why does my RoadMate 1470/1700 unit freeze after the low battery error appears when I have the CoPilot Map Software installed?
 Why doesn’t my device track satellites?
 Why is the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) off?
 Why is the GPS receiver's time incorrect?
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