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 How do I update my map?
 When available, map updates can be purchased from the Magellan website. For the latest map update please visit our maps software page by clicking Here *Some units
 How do I update my maps/software using Content Manager?
 Note: If you have a MAC computer visit our content manager page by clicking here and follow the instructions after selecting your OS version
 What is the USB port used for?
 The USB port is used to transfer data from a compatible PC to the GPS receiver for potential future software updates and installing custom POIs on compatible units. On some compatible products the USB port will also serve as a power plug when a compatibl
 Where are software updates for my vehicle navigation GPS receiver?
 To keep your Magellan device up to date with the latest software and map updates please install Content Manager by clicking here. Once you've installed Content Manager on your comput
 Why do we charge customers for map updates?
 When our company goes to market with new products and updates, there are development costs in terms of people and technology. In addition, for map updates, we are charged fees by our map providers. Therefore, we must charge for map updates to cover these
 How long can I operate my Magellan GPS on a fully charged battery?
 The average operating time on a complete battery charge is up to 2 hours. It may take up to 4 - 6 hours to obtain a full battery charge. The unit may be powered on or off while charging using the supplied vehicle power adapter. If you need
 How long is my warranty?
 All Magellan products are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for: - One year from the date of purchase for new GPS receivers - AAA members may qualify for an extra year of warranty, please see the AAA requirements below to s
 What do I need to obtain warranty repair service?
 For warranty repair Magellan requires a valid proof of purchase in the form of a purchase sales receipt. If you do not have the purchase receipt we will accept a copy of a credit card statement showing the store it was purchased from, date item was purcha
 I do not have my proof of purchase, how do I obtain warranty repairs?
 For warranty repair Magellan requires a valid proof of purchase in the form of a purchase sales receipt. If you do not have the purchase receipt we will accept a copy of a credit card statement showing the store it was purchased from, date item was purch
 Are printed manuals available for purchase?
 At this moment we are not offering printed manuals for sale. We are looking into a 3rd party company that can provide our customers with this service. When it becomes available we will update this page as well as the individual owners manual pages with
 Are USB 2.0 cables compatible with our products?
 Our products will work with any mini-USB 2.0 cable. You can use most mini-USB cables that were included with your cell phone or digital camera to transfer data such as map updates or software updates on to your GPS receiver. You can also purchase one fr
 Can I use my computer to transfer addresses to my Magellan GPS receiver?
 At this time addresses have to be keyed directly into the unit.
 Can I charge my GPS receiver using my computer?
 If your GPS receiver has power pin port and a USB port the internal battery cannot be charged using your computer. You must use the supplied vehicle power adapter to charge the receiver's internal battery. If your GPS receiver only contains a USB port
 How to reset my receiver?
 Depending on the power switch your unit was designed with follow the instructions below: Slide Switch If your unit has a Slide power switch then slide and hold the power switch in the off position for more than 8 seconds.
 Can my GPS receiver be used on a motorcycle?
 Magellan GPS receivers are designed to operate inside a vehicle. Therefore we do not recommend using it on a motorcycle.
 How do I charge the GPS receiver's battery?
 The internal battery can be charged using the supplied vehicle power adapter. Full battery charge takes 4 - 6 hours. The unit can be powered on or off while charging.
 Can I purchase a replacement battery for my GPS receiver?
 Replacement batteries for vehicle navigation products are not available for purchase. For in warranty repair service please contact Technical Support M-F 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST at 800-707-9971.
 What is the SD/MMC card slot used for?
 The SD/MMC card slot may be used to Backup or Restore your receiver’s address book and store. Backup and Restore is available in the receiver’s User Options from the Main Menu. Data can only be restored from the same model. Note: Fo
 Why does the position arrow on my device show the wrong location?
 In the event you position arrow does not show your current location make sure your GPS device has a clear view of the sky to access satellite signals. If your device has a clear view of the sky while remaining stationary for 5 minutes and the position ar
 My GPS unit will not power on, why?
 In the event the internal battery discharges below a certain voltage the battery must be charged up to 1 hour prior to powering the receiver back on. If you have re-charged the battery and it still does not power on please contact Customer Support at 1-8
 How long does it take to obtain a full battery?
 A full battery charge takes four hours. If using the supplied VPA the unit can be powered on or off while charging. If you use the supplied USB cable power your computer on, connect the USB cable to the device, and power the unit off.
 How do I repair my product?
 The Magellan Return/Refund Policy only applies to hardware and software goods purchased from the Magellan website or a telephone order. Other products such as map downloads, subscriptions, and opened software programs are not refundable. In order to retur
 How long will the battery last on a full battery charge?
 On a full battery charge, power will last for up to 2 hours.
 What can I do if an address or street is missing?
 Missing addresses or streets can be reported on the following webpage:
 What is OneTouch?
 The OneTouch feature delivers revolutionary new screen flow and ease of use that is designed to maximize functionality while reducing driver distraction. For the frequent traveler, an example of one benefit of the OneTouch interface is the ability to pre-
 What is Text-to-Speech (TTS) or Spoken Street Names?
 Text-to-Speech (also referred to as "spoken street names") is a feature that announces the street name for the next maneuver.
 How do I set the time (time zone) on my GPS?
 The GPS receiver’s time is automatically set by satellite signal. In the event the GPS receivers time is not correct you should update the receiver’s software. Software updates are available on Magellan’s support page
 What is Highway Lane Assist?
 Highway Lane Assist is a visual aid displayed on the map screen guiding you to remain or move to a specific lane to make your next maneuver.
 What is the micro SD card slot used for?
 The micro SD card slot can be used to backup user data or for possible future enhancements.
 Why is the GPS receiver's time incorrect?
 The GPS receiver’s time is automatically set by satellite signal. In the event the GPS receivers time is not correct you should update the receiver’s software. Software updates are available on Magellan’s support page
 What are city centers?
 City centers are one POI location for each city determined by City landmarks, City Halls, etc. They are not POIs located in the center of the city.
 How do I add, edit, and delete address book entries? (Video Demonstration)
 In this video demonstration we will be going through the various steps of creating, editing, and deleting an address entry in your address book. To change your programmed HOME One-Touch button follow the deleting an address book entry portion of this
 Why is the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) off?
 ETA is affected by the GPS receiver's time. The GPS receiver’s time is automatically set by satellite signal. In the event the GPS receivers time is not correct you should update the receiver’s software. Software updates are available on Magellan’s sup
 Can the Traffic Link advertisement banner be removed from the map screen?
 The advertisement banner cannot be removed unless the Traffic Link vehicle power adapter is disconnected from the GPS receiver. The advertisements appear so the users do not have to pay a monthly traffic service fee. Each advertisement cycles in the ad
 Do I need to be a AAA member to access the AAA TourBook or AAA Roadside Assistance screen?
 No. You can access all the features under the AAA TourBook. However you must be a AAA member to receive AAA services and discounts. Most new enrollee’s can receive immediate Roadside Assistance, but not all AAA Clubs offer immediate enrollment/benefits.
 How to enter and route to an address on OneTouch products? (Video Demonstration)
 Please see video below for a demonstration on how to enter and route to an address on the One Touch products.
 What is Traffic Link?
 Traffic Link is an optional accessory that enables traffic service on compatible GPS units. Forget about sitting in traffic, waiting impatiently for traffic updates from your favorite radio station. Get out of grid lock - even avoid it before you reach
 What is the adhesive disk used for?
 The adhesive disk can be used to mount your GPS receiver to your vehicles dashboard. "To install* the adhesive disk: 1. Clean and dry the dashboard where the adhesive disk is going to be installed using enclosed alcohol pad. 2. Remove the pro
 Why does my home address change to last address I route to?
 If your Home address changes please remove it from your address book then re-enter it using the OneTouch Menu. To remove the incorrect Home address select Menu --> Go to --> Address Book. In your Address Book select the incorrect Home address. Select D
 How do I delete an address from a GPS receiver with OneTouch?
 Press the Menu button, select Go To, select Address Book, select the address you want to remove, select Delete. Confirm removal by selecting Yes.
 Can I add additional maps to my unit?
 At this time additional maps cannot be added however a pre-loaded Mexico map can be unlocked. To purchase a Mexico map unlock go to:
 My unit came with something in the micro SD card slot, what is it for?
 The dummy micro SD card protects the micro SD card slot. It must be removed and replaced with a real micro SD card before backing up user data.
 What is (MDL) Multiple Destination Routing? (Video Demonstration)
 Multiple destination routing is a feature that allows you to map out multiple stops on one calculated trip. To see an example of how to create a multiple destination route please see video below.
 Which phones are compatible with my Magellan Maestro 4700 device?
 Click Here for a list of compatible phones.
 What voice commands are recognized by my Magellan Maestro 4700 device?
 Click Here for list of Voice Commands.
 Why don't all Bluetooth features work on my Magellan Maestro 4700 device?
 Magellan Maestro 4700 Bluetooth features are dependent on the phone's Bluetooth specifications. Changes to the specification may cause feature incompatibility. For a list of compatible phones and feature compatibility
 Why is my phone not on the Maestro 4700 Bluetooth compatibility list?
 Phones not on the Magellan Maestro 4700 compatibility chart have not been tested or may have compatibility issues. Even if your Bluetooth enabled phone is not a phone we tested, it may still work with the Magellan Maestro 4700 device. To review the phon
 If I import my phone contacts twice will the old contacts be overwritten?
 The original contacts will remain and you will have duplicate contacts.
 Why didn't my phone contacts from my second paired phone show up in my address book?
 Importing contacts from a second phone will be available in an upcoming release.
 Why does my Magellan Maestro 4700 device only import mobile phone contacts?
 Import of phone contacts is dependent on the Magellan Maestro 4700 device and the phone manufactures compatibility. Not all numbers will be imported.
 Why are my phone contact names cut off?
 Phone contacts must remain under 24 characters.
 Why are my call log times incorrect?
 This is a known issue that will be fixed in a future software update.
 When paired, why can't I transfer an incoming call from my Magellan Maestro 4700 device to my phone?
 Transferring calls from the Magellan Maestro 4700 device to your phone is dependent on the compatibility of the two devices. Not all phones will accept call transfers.
 How do I re-assign my speed dial phone numbers?
 From the phone menu select the Speed Dial button. Press and hold an assigned speed dial number. Select Yes to delete the speed dial number. Tap the available Assign button to add a new number.
 Why can't I dial the number on the special offers screen when my phone is paired?
 This will be available in an upcoming release.
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