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 Are the Triton Series MAC compatible?
 How do I attach a media file (photograph, music, video) to a waypoint on my Triton 400, 500, 1500 and 2000?
 How do I cancel a route?
 How do I change the coordinate system on my Triton?
 How do I create, save, and activate a trail on my Triton™?
 How do I display missing TOPOTM maps on my Triton after transferring from National Geographic TOPO! Outdoor Recreation Mapping SoftwareTM v4.0?
 How do I know if my Triton is finished with the software update?
 How do I load a map purchased from to my Triton GPS?
 How do I load a National Geographic TOPO!® 4 Map to a Triton® series GPS device?
 How do I load National Geographic TOPO!® Explorer deluxe map on to my Triton® device?
 How do I reset my odometer/trip odometer on my Triton series GPS
 How do I review photos and video on my Triton 400, 500, 1500 and 2000?
 How do I select a detailed map for use on my Triton?
 How Do I set the time on My Triton GPS?
 How do I set up my Triton for first-time use?
 How to connect my Triton™ to my PC?
 How to load a Geocache onto your Triton Series GPS?
 If I replace my eXplorist with a Magellan Triton can I continue to use MapSend Topo 3D USA or MapSend DirectRoute?
 Is VantagePoint and the Triton series compatible with Windows Vista 64-bit system?
 What are User Profiles and how do I set them?
 What is a Backtrack and how do I use it on my Triton?
 What is a nautical mile?
 What is a track?
 What is a Vertical Profile?
 What is a waypoint and how do I use it on my Triton device?
 What is VantagePoint™ Lite used for?
 What maps are compatible with my Triton?
 Why is the “Trip” feature unavailable?
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