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 What do I need to obtain warranty repair service?
 For warranty repair Magellan requires a valid proof of purchase in the form of a purchase sales receipt. If you do not have the purchase receipt we will accept a copy of a credit card statement showing the store it was purchased from, date item was purcha
 I do not have my proof of purchase, how do I obtain warranty repairs?
 For warranty repair Magellan requires a valid proof of purchase in the form of a purchase sales receipt. If you do not have the purchase receipt we will accept a copy of a credit card statement showing the store it was purchased from, date item was purch
 Are USB 2.0 cables compatible with our products?
 Our products will work with any mini-USB 2.0 cable. You can use most mini-USB cables that were included with your cell phone or digital camera to transfer data such as map updates or software updates on to your GPS receiver. You can also purchase one fr
 How to connect my Triton™ to my PC?
 If a Triton is connected before VantagePoint is installed on your PC it will not install properly because VantagePoint contains the drivers needed to install your Triton to your PC. It is important to remember to install VantagePoint first. For a solution
 How do I reset my odometer/trip odometer on my Triton series GPS
 The steps to reset the odometer are below, these instructions apply with receivers loaded with the latest software which can be obtained by clicking here
 What maps are compatible with my Triton?
 Although there are six different Triton™ models not all of them are compatible with all our Web downloads. The Triton 200 and 300 models have 9Mb of internal memory and are not expandable. The Triton 400, 500, 1500, and 2000 do not use internal m
 How do I load a National Geographic TOPO!® 4 Map to a Triton® series GPS device?
 Question: How do I load a National Geographic TOPO!® 4 Map to a Triton® series GPS device? Answer: Follow the steps below: 1. Ensure VantagePoint™ software is closed 2. Select “Connect to PC" under settings and connect GPS to PC 3. Open up t
 What is VantagePoint™ Lite used for?
 VantagePoint Lite is an application that automatically installs with VantagePoint and shows up on your PC system tray. This allows you to easily update your Triton GPS without opening up the entire VantagePoint application. (Note: if you wish to backup yo
 How do I load a map purchased from to my Triton GPS?
  1. Download and install VantagePoint™ click here. 2. Connect your Triton GPS to your PC and power it on. 3. Download the purchased map insta
 How Do I set the time on My Triton GPS?
 Magellan GPS receiver’s time cannot be set manually. In order to have the correct time set on your Magellan GPS receiver, you must set the proper time zone you are located in (ie Pacific, Central or Eastern). Once the time zone is set the exact hour and
 How do I select a detailed map for use on my Triton?
 The following steps show how to activate a detailed map on your Triton™. Magellan maps are available in two forms: * Download from Magellan website then transfeer onto an SD Card * Pre-loaded SD Card such as an XL-3 Marine chart The follo
 How to load a Geocache onto your Triton Series GPS?
 Answer: Follow the steps below: 1. Login to and create an account if you have not already done so. 2. Enter your Zip code where you want to search for Geocaches. 3. Click onto .lOC file or.GPX if you have premium user subsc
 How do I set up my Triton for first-time use?
 "Because of Triton's advanced GPS technology and high-sensitivity antenna it is not necessary to run an initialization process. However, there are three User Profiles available (Hiking, Marine and Geocaching) which can be customized for your personal use.
 How do I create, save, and activate a trail on my Triton™?
 Answer: As you travel your Triton™ automatically drops electronic breadcrumbs to record your movements. These breadcrumbs are temporary waypoints that are created and stored while you travel and are displayed on the map screen as dotted lines. The comm
 If I replace my eXplorist with a Magellan Triton can I continue to use MapSend Topo 3D USA or MapSend DirectRoute?
 Answer: MapSend Topo 3D USA and MapSend DirectRoute are not designed for the Triton GPS, but they will function with the Triton. However, major functions will be disabled, including turn-by-turn guidance and search for addresses. Magellan maps and softwa
 Is VantagePoint and the Triton series compatible with Windows Vista 64-bit system?
 Answer: Yes.
 What is a nautical mile?
 A nautical mile is a measurement of distance used in marine applications. Based on the circumference of the Earth, divided into 360 degrees, each degree is then divided into 60 minutes. One minute of the arc of the Earth is equal to 1 nautical mile. It is
 What is a waypoint and how do I use it on my Triton device?
 Answer: A waypoint is a set of coordinates that identify a physical location on the map of your Triton device. An example of how you would create and use a waypoint would be marking a place on a lake where you caught fish so you could come back next
 Are the Triton Series MAC compatible?
 No, the Magellan Triton series are not MAC compatible.
 What is a track?
 Answer: A track is a series of marked, geo-coded points along any route you travel. Your Triton automatically records these points at timed intervals and whenever you make a significant change in direction for use in Backtracking. NOTE: To erase or
 How do I know if my Triton is finished with the software update?
 Answer: When the Triton GPS is complete it will re-start and show the Triton logo screen, then show the connection detection screen
 What are User Profiles and how do I set them?
 User profiles enable you to adjust the settings for backlight and power timers. They are also used to activate or deactivate alarms and select map detail. There are 3 types of customizable user profiles: hiking, marine and Geocache. Press the MENU
 How do I display missing TOPOTM maps on my Triton after transferring from National Geographic TOPO! Outdoor Recreation Mapping SoftwareTM v4.0?
 Answer: There have been reports that TOPO maps cannot be displayed on a Triton GPS receiver, even after a "successfully transferred" message is displayed. These steps will likely resolve this issue on a Microsoft WindowsTM PC: 1. Uninstall RealPlayer s
 How do I cancel a route?
 Answer: While navigating a route, press the Enter key on the map screen and select “Cancel Route.”
 Why is the “Trip” feature unavailable?
 Answer: The “Trip” feature is scheduled for future release and will be available in a FREE firmware update. It will enable you to save tracks, waypoints, notes and media in a single file.
 What is a Backtrack and how do I use it on my Triton?
 Answer: While navigating the GPS receiver stores a series of electronic points displayed on the map screen as small connecting dots. When the backtrack feature is activated the GPS receiver uses the electronic points to assist you back to your starting
 How do I change the coordinate system on my Triton?
 Answer: Press MENU. Select “View” and press Enter. Then select “Settings,” press Enter and select “Navigation.” Use the scrolling keypad to change your settings and press Enter. Then press Escape (esc) to return to the map screen.
 What is a Vertical Profile?
 You can view a profile of any route to see the incline, ascent and decent of a path you have traveled or plan to travel. NOTE: To access Vertical Profile press Menu>View>Tracks>Vertical Profile.
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