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 How do add tracks to my Magellan Cyclo?
 Saving tracks (gpx files) from 3rd party websites to the Cyclo. If you have downloaded a track from a 3rd party website or have created a track yourself you can add the track to your device as a gpx file. To add tracks to your Cyclo please follow the
 How do I update my Magellan Cyclo
 1. Connect powered on Cyclo to the PC. 2. Open MyComputer from the PC to view installed external drives. 3. Open Mgn_system (the cyclo setup as external drive) 4. Double click on MagellanCyclo_Setup.exe Note: (a message may appear asking to install or
 What operating systems are compatible with the Magellan Cyclo?
 Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and MAC OS. Windows users must be running .NET Framework 3.5 of higher. Windows XP, Vista, and 7 users uploading activities to the Magellan Cyclo website must use Internet Explorer 8 or higher. Windows 8 users uploading
 How do I create, save, and upload an activity to the Magellan Cyclo portal?
 After you stop an activity it is automatically saved on the GPS. Please follow the steps below on how to save it to the Magellan Cyclo portal. 1. Ensure the GPS has a position fix by observing blue signal bars in the upper right hand corner of the Dis
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