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 How do I playback, save, and delete video?
 To playback video follow the steps below: On the GPS receiver: 1. From the map screen select menu 2. Select the DVR menu (camera aperture icon) as a result a screen with 5 icons will be displayed, select the movie playback icon (second icon
 Can I play the GPS DVR videos using Windows Media Player?
 An additional video player is not require. The GPS DVR comes with its own video player application that can playback video files. Additional codecs my be needed if trying to use Windows Media Player. If you receive an error using Windows Media Player yo
 How do I record video on my DVR enabled GPS device?
 From the map screen select menu next select the DVR screen button (camera icon under menu). Next, select the record button (circular button in lower right hand corner of DVR menu). When recording the DVR screen flashes Rec and shows the recording time.
 How do I know if the memory card is full?
 The DVR records in 5 minute segments, and will use the entire capacity of the SD-card. When the card is full, it continues by writing over the oldest files in sequence so it always has available memory. You can view the current available memory by followi
 Do I need to purchase a SD card to record and playback video data?
 No. The device is bundled with a 4GB Micro SD card. However, you can purchase additional HC class 10 Micro SD cards up to 32GB to store more video data.
 Can I play the DVR Video on a MAC?
 No. The embedded video player on the device cannot be used on a MAC computer.
 Can I take pictures with my GPS?
 No. However, you can take snapshots of saved video using the DVR player provided on the card follow steps below to save a snapshot of recorded video. 1. Remove the Micros SD card from the top of the GPS near the DVR icon (NOTE: you will need to remo
 Can I record video when using the Magellan backup camera?
 No. The optional Magellan backup camera cannot be used to record video.
 What format does the DVR record in?
 The DVR records in .AVI format.
 What operating systems can I use to play video?
 Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.
 Can I program the GPS Device to not record video?
 The DVR is designed to always record when you enter the DVR menu until the GPS is turned off. However, the best way to ensure you do not record video is to remove the SD card.
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