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 Where do I find the model and serial number of my device?
 The Model and Serial numbers can be found in two places: 1. The Model and Serial Number can be found on the rating label located on the back of the device. 2. Model and Serial number can be found by: Tap Setting icon, tap General Settings, scroll a
 How do I enter an intersection on my GPS?
 1. Select Go To icon. Enter one of the intersection street and city name I.E. W Arrow Hwy San Dimas, CA 2. After search results are shown you will see a home icon to the right of the street name. Tap the home ICON. 3. Next, you will see the first str
 How can I adjust the speed limit warnings?
 Go to: Settings > Navigation & Maps and scroll to the bottom of the screen
 How do I change the volume settings?
 To increase/decrease/mute the sound press the speaker icon located on the lower left hand corner of the Map screen. To adjust any Sounds or Warnings:Settings > Sounds
 Where do I adjust my routing options such as avoiding u-turns and toll roads?
 Go to: Settings > Navigation & Maps
 How do I change the language settings?
 Go to: Settings > General Settings
 Where do I check my software and map version?
 Go to: Settings > General Settings > Product Information
 What is the SD card slot used for?
 The SD Card slot can be used to manually update the device's software and or add new maps.
 How do I change the unit of measure?
 Go to: Settings > General Settings.
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