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 How do I update my map?
 To check that you have the latest map for your device: Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Log into with your MagellanGPS account. Click on the Update tab. Click Download if you
 Do I have the latest software version?
 To check that you have the latest software for your device: Log into SmartGPS Eco with your MagellanGPS account. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Click on the Update tab. Click Download if yo
 How do I register the SmartGPS that I just purchased?
  Log in to SmartGPS Eco at If you don’t have a Magellan account, click Sign Up! to create one. A message will prompt you to connect your SmartGPS to a computer, and a second message will prompt you to “instal
 I have purchased a Premium phantomALERT subscription for my Magellan SmartGPS. How do I get these updates?
  Log into using your Magellan GPS account information. Note: If you haven’t yet created a SmartGPS Eco account, select Sign Up! On the SmartGPS Eco page and follow the instructions to sign up for your Magellan account
 How do I add/edit address book entries?
  Adding an Entry Tap My Places from the Map screen. Tap Edit, then tap + under the Address Book List. Select a POI or enter an address. Tap Add to confirm the entry. Editing an
 Why is my Magellan SmartGPS not syncing any new content?
 You may not have Wi-Fi access, or your device may not be registered. Make sure your device is registered at and connected to Wi-Fi by accessing Settings -->Wi-Fi on your device
 How can I adjust the speed limit warnings?
 Go to: Settings > Navigation & Maps and scroll to the bottom of the screen
 How do I change the volume settings?
 To increase/decrease/mute the sound press the speaker icon located on the lower left hand corner of the Map screen. To adjust any Sounds or Warnings:Settings > Sounds
 Why am I not seeing Weather information on my SmartGPS?
 In order for the Weather app to provide data your device must be registered through SmartGPS Eco. Click
 Why is my Magellan SmartGPS not showing any POI information after syncing?
 Your location, the location of your contacts, and data from Yelp and Foursquare determine the content for your SmartGPS. You many not see much POI content if Yelp and Foursquare don’t have POIs for your current location. You also won’t see much POI conten
 How do I update the software on my SmartGPS?
 Your device will notify you whenever a software update is available. Go to to update your device. Most of the time, software updates will download automatically via Wi-Fi. You can cho
 How do I edit Multi-Destination routes?
 Change the order of the List: Tap My Route. Tap Edit. Tap and hold down your finger to the right of a destination until it flashes. Drag the destination into the desired position. Raise your finger to r
 Where do I adjust my routing options such as avoiding u-turns and toll roads?
 Go to: Settings > Navigation & Maps
 How do I enter Multi-Destination routes?
  Tap Go To. Enter the initial route. Tap My Route from the Map screen. Tap Edit. Tap the + icon. Tap on the list from which you’d like to enter the destination. Add an address to your ro
 How does my address book sync from SmartGPS Eco to my smartGPS device?
 First, register your device with your MagellanGPS account through SmartGPS Eco. Then, your device and SmartGPS Eco sync data whenever your device is connected to the cloud via Wi-Fi. You can also perform a data sync on Smart GPS Eco.
 How long do I need to sync my SmartGPS?
 Connect your device to Wi-Fi and sync it to the cloud overnight. The initial sync takes about 8 hours. Then, syncing can take a few minutes if you sync your device every day. Sync your device often for updated data, including the latest Yelp re
 Why is the "Done" button in the lower right hand corner of the screen not responsive and grayed out?
 When entering an address the Done button is grayed out until you select an item from the list displayed.
 How to pre-sync the SmartGPS to an planned destination.
 To pre-sync your device to your next destination or general city/zip code location, take the following steps: Tap on the Menu button on the map screen
 How do I change the region?
 If you are entering an address from US, Canada, or Puerto Rico you don't have to switch the region, just type the city name followed by the address.
 When the traffic event window appears does it show the delay for my entire route or just incidents directly ahead of me?
 The traffic event information will typically show incidents that can delay your route when they are approximately 5 to 10 miles in front of you. Incidents occurring at greater distances can change and may not be as reliable enough to impact your route.
 How often will my Magellan SmartGPS sync new data?
 Every time your Magellan SmartGPS connects to a Wi-Fi network it will check with MiCloud to determine if new information is available. When new content is available it will be downloaded to the Magellan SmartGPS.
 How do I save a previous destination to my address book?
 From the map screen: My Places > Recent (To access your recent destinations) > select previous destination > Move > Contacts > New Contact > type in desired name > Save. The destination is now saved in your Address Book under Contacts.
 Can I route to a coordinate?
 At this time this device does not accept coordinates as a valid address for routing.
 Can I download games or music apps to my Magellan SmartGPS?
 How long will the smartGPS battery last on a single charge?
 The battery will last roughly 2 hours on a full charge depending on its current status (i.e. currently routing, searching for Wi-Fi, Searching for Bluetooth., etc…)
 Is the smartGPS compatible with Mac?
 How do I route to an address on my SmartGPS
 To route to an address on your SmartGPS take the following steps: Tap on the Go To button on the map screen
 How do I cancel a route if I decide not to continue?
  Tap My Route when traveling on a route. Tap the red X above the destination list. Tap Yes to cancel your route.
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