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 Where can I find the user manual or quick start guide for The Magellan Echo fitness device?
 The Magellan Echo utilizes smartphone fitness apps displaying fitness data, notifications and achievements so it does not have a need for a dedicated user manual. Click h
 Why won't my Magellan Echo pair to my fitness app?
 This may occur if you have more than one fitness app open or still synced to your Echo fitness device. If the Bluetooth icon on your compatible iOS device* display is not grayed out then this means there is another app still paired with your echo fitness
 What apps are compatible with the Echo?
 For information on app compatibility click here.
 What Models of Smart Phone is the Echo compatible with?
 For phone compatibility information click here.
 Is the Echo waterproof?
 The Magellan Echo is water resistant, safe for the shower, not suitable for swimming.
 Can I use multiple wireless Bluetooth Smart devices (Heart Rate Monitor, Foot Pod, Cadence Sensor, etc.) with Echo at the same time?
 Echo will be able to display data sent to it, however the ability to connect to multiple sensors at a single time is dependent on the application you are using on your compatible iOS device *NOTE Compatible iOS devices can be found
 Does the Echo have a built in app or stand alone functionality?
 The Magellan Echo is a running watch that utilizes smartphone fitness apps to their full potential by wirelessly connecting them to your wrist. With real-time fitness data streaming directly from your smartphone to the watch display and the ability to rem
 Can the Echo be used as an everyday watch?
 Yes once paired and configured with an app it will retain the time like a regular watch. Watch configurations are 100% controlled by the fitness app and you. Some apps will allow you to customize every data screen and button controls, while others will ke
 Can the Echo control other apps such as Text E-Mails and make calls?
 Currently you can remotely control app functions like start, stop, and lap, as well as remotely control the music on your smartphone.
 Does the Echo have a built in GPS?
 No, It controls the Fitness Apps on the Smartphone and GPS positioning is provided by the Smartphone.
 What type of battery does the Echo use?
 The Magellan Echo uses a User-replaceable CR2032 coin-cell battery.
 Does the Echo have a built in speaker?
 The Magellan Echo uses a beeper for audio alerts.
 How long is the battery life?
 You should typically see 6 months while using activity mode about 1 hour per day.
 Can I use Wireless Bluetooth Smart headphones and Echo at the same time?
 Yes, they will not interfere with each other.
 Are the bands replicable?
 No, they are not replaceable.
 Does the Echo have voice command feature?
 No it does not have voice command features.
 How do I enable my Daily Distance and Daily Calorie Features on Echo Fit?
 Echo Fit needs to load the features by updating via the Echo Utility App. Using your Android or iOS device, download the Echo Utility and connect Echo Fit with Echo Utility. Launch the Echo Utility App and the icon of the watch with the words Connect. On
 Does the Echo require an additional power to be used from my phone?
 No it does not, however, your phone will use slightly more power with BlueTooth enabled.
 What if I'm having trouble pairing a new Echo to same App I had my other Echo paired to?
 Complications may occur when attempting to pair multiple Echo devices to a single App. Some App developers have prepared for this while other App developers like to focus on a single paired device. If you happen to encounter the latter, please unpair an
 Why is Echo Utility is crashing using my iPhone when connecting my Echo Fit, trying to setup my user profile, or when I tap About?
 Please restart your iPhone and retry the sync again.
 Using an Apple iPhone, why can't I pair with a 3rd Party App or Echo Utility with my Echo Fit using an Apple iPhone?
 There may be a disconnect between your iPhone and the Echo Fit. You will need to reset the connection. Reset the connection by going into your iPhone Settings>Bluetooth, and look for a sensor calling itself Boise or Echo Fit. Press "i" for more informatio
 How do I enable Mobile Notifications while I'm connected to a 3rd Party App using an Apple iPhone?
 Mobile Notifications is meant to be used while connected to a 3rd Party App for the duration of your sports activity. Enable Mobile Notifications by connecting to Echo Utility and enabling the feature in the Settings Menu. Revert back into Watch Mode and
 My device no longer goes into Watch Mode when I close an App, what happened?
 When Mobile Notifications is enabled, the device will no longer go into Watch Mode after an App is closed. Remember to revert your watch back into Watch Mode when not in use.
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