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 Are the bands replicable?
 Can I use multiple wireless Bluetooth Smart devices (Heart Rate Monitor, Foot Pod, Cadence Sensor, etc.) with Echo at the same time?
 Can I use Wireless Bluetooth Smart headphones and Echo at the same time?
 Can the Echo be used as an everyday watch?
 Can the Echo control other apps such as Text E-Mails and make calls?
 Does the Echo have a built in app or stand alone functionality?
 Does the Echo have a built in GPS?
 Does the Echo have a built in speaker?
 Does the Echo have voice command feature?
 Does the Echo require an additional power to be used from my phone?
 How do I enable Mobile Notifications while I'm connected to a 3rd Party App using an Apple iPhone?
 How do I enable my Daily Distance and Daily Calorie Features on Echo Fit?
 How long is the battery life?
 Is the Echo waterproof?
 My device no longer goes into Watch Mode when I close an App, what happened?
 Using an Apple iPhone, why can't I pair with a 3rd Party App or Echo Utility with my Echo Fit using an Apple iPhone?
 What apps are compatible with the Echo?
 What if I'm having trouble pairing a new Echo to same App I had my other Echo paired to?
 What Models of Smart Phone is the Echo compatible with?
 What type of battery does the Echo use?
 Where can I find the user manual or quick start guide for The Magellan Echo fitness device?
 Why is Echo Utility is crashing using my iPhone when connecting my Echo Fit, trying to setup my user profile, or when I tap About?
 Why won't my Magellan Echo pair to my fitness app?
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